DAY 2: 10 Years Time

I seem to be thinking about this a lot recently, where will i be in 10 years time?
Ideally, i would like to be successful in whatever career path i have decided to go down (preferably blogging/youtube) and have my own business. I would love to be married with one or two kids and either have my own house or about to buy my own house! I want looooads of dogs too! (Thats my main goal). I would also liked to have traveled to different countries, experiencing things i never have before.

To be honest, its crazy to think i will be 31 in 10 years time and that makes me sad, not because i am going to be older but everyone else aroud me will be! I am not ready to lose my youth and just because my age is getting bigger doesn’t mean that im completely going to become some little, extremelyyyyy mature, oldie (even though 30 isnt old but just speaking for when i get even older haha!). SO much can happen in 10 years its unbelievable, i hope i make amazing memories within that time and look back at my twenties with joy and pride for what i have accomplished – this is why i just say that you need to do what you want and try not to care what other people around you are saying, even though its easier to be said than done, cos its your life and i know that sounds really cliche but its true.. i dont want to look back on my life and regret not doing the things i wanted to do because i can imagine that that’ll be so crappy.

10 years ago i was 11 and was just starting year 8 in secondary school, i hope my 11 year old self would be proud of 21 year old me, i know she would definitely be more proud if i built the courage to do youtube i can hear myself saying ‘JADE ITS ONLY A VIDEO – YOU DONT HAVE TO SEE ANYONES REACTION’. I feel like when you’re younger you have less fear towards certain things and we need to try to adapt this ‘less fear’ into our adult life so we can thrive more and get out of our comfort zones!!

Where do you think you will be in 10 years? Where were you 10 years ago?